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Dating Tips for Men Under 30

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If you’re a man under 30 and have yet to find The One, these dating tips for men will help you onto the right track. I’ve noticed a Millenia age of men in their 30’s and 40’s who are still searching for the “Mr. Right”. These men are looking for the perfect girl, someone who will be very special to them and will live up to all their expectations. As the older male in the dating scene, I can tell you that our expectations are a bit higher at this age – especially when it comes to looks.

Some men in their 30’s have been through relationships of 2 or more different women

Some are tired of being single and think that the holidays and the new year will be the best time to find “the one”. Before going through any of the dating tips for men, make sure that you’re ready to be “free” and single. You have to be mentally prepared. Your friend’s 30+ friends, family, office and children are all part of your world and should be treated that way.

Obviously, your special lady friend should be part of YOUR world ONLY if you’re willing to put the effort in. Don’t bring your family along and don’t bring your work friends along. YOU are the center of your world. Are you ready? Check the last item on the dating tips for men subscription below. Dating tips for men SUBMITTED TO:


a. This is one of the dating tips for men that will get you nowhere fast. There are always exceptions to every rule. This is the fist thing you will have to learn if you want to go far. The fast and easy route is to become a fly on the wall, listening to all that is said.

b. You shouldn’t be talking on the cell phone talking about you and this girl. Work, business, family, friend of a friend, anything but YOURS. Play it cool, you are here to date/hook up/give your self some good experiences.

c. Under no circumstances under any circumstances are you going to have sex on the first date. That will rock their boat and they will kick you to the curb. Stick to the rules, make them laugh, smile, share a laugh and above all, DO NOT get into the casual sex conversation.

d. This one is EXTREMELY important and many forget. You have to show some restraint. If you are able to control yourself, other men/women will be flocking to you because you are giving the best of yourself without them giving anything back.

e. DO NOT talk about your ex-husband or lovers name, especially not in chains. Some women really haven’t lived up to their name or reputation.

f. DO YOUR HONEST – I cannot stress enough the importance of being honest with your date/partner.

g. expecting too much will kill your relationship before it start. You are a great person; don’t ruin your date by expecting too much, being an insecure person as well.

h. if things don’t work out, be prepared to move on. If this person isn’t right for you, you are going to move on.

i. ALWAYS BE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE, just in case this doesn’t work out with this person.

j. TRY TO BE HONEST, there’s nothing worse than making up something to cover something up. Trust is something that if you don’t have, you will build your relationship on to the point where you are hiding things from each other. What happens when truth comes out? That would be the time to shut it down with all its bells and whistles and figure it out with a good dating relationship coach.

k. ALWAYS REMIND YOURSELF WHATS WORTH IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you are serious about dating and putting yourself out there, you need to value yourself as much as anybody else.

l. don’t fall into the excuse of not fit in, because you may be looking for a one night stand. A relationship is the same as a job. You have to have the discipline to be in a job you’re passionate about!

m. IF YOU ARE A WOMAN, SINCE YOU ARE, ARE BEING, give 100% OF YOURSELF, Cougar women ARE strong and know what they want, while nice guys have the animalistic desire to ‘not be her’.

This advice doesn’t just stop at 1 or 2 of those things.