How to Pick Up Women

How to Pick Up Women

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I am going to be honest with you; there are times that I wish I could divulge a whole “secret” on how to pick up women, but…even if I had some size dados hiding under my bed, you can’t teach someone how to do something if they are not doing it naturally.

What can you do if you want a woman to want you?

Two things… CAREFULLY and STRONG. Now remember these two things, because we are going to discuss why they are the backbone of all things, especially with women. Carefully is going to help you when you are trying to figure out how to get women to notice you. “How to pick up women” is all about sly, not-so-subtle hints that this woman has not caught your eye, but it’s oh so easy to lose her if you don’t make the subtle move to grab her attention.

What can you do in the presence of a woman and without having to make the effort to “steal” her attention?

Notice her smell, make eye contact, and smile at her before you go to talk to somebody else. A woman will get the hint that you are interested in her, but chances are she may not be as interested in you. Move over to her, and smile at her. “Carefully” you say, and smile at her again, and then carry on with whatever you were talking to her about.

At some point, if she is hot, she may feel self-conscious (maybe she isn’t used to someone noticing and never having an air of confidence around her) and this may be her turn to either ignore you completely, or respond with “Carefully, I didn’t mean to bother you, I just wanted…” So, not only have you caught her attention, but you have also given her the chance to possibly ignore you, as she is aware of your presence and interest. Not bad, huh? Or you can continue to build upon that.

Strong, is doing what I suggested above, but with a slight twist. I don’t mean to tell you to “be a jerk” to her, but when you are trying to figure out how to pick up women, especially the woman of your dreams, always use a technique known as Putting The Number One Leverage On The Number Two Leverage.

That’s right, the “Calling The Number” heavy on the number, throw in a bit of complimenting and flattery, and voila! She just assumed you are interested in her, because you are giving her that much needed attention that she needs, and she is willing to divulge that to a “natural” (you) in hopes that she won’t be on her own.

So if you call her once, make small talk, tell her that her hair looks lovely, and smile for the camera, then save the rest of the phone call for your natural. Now, I know it can be difficult to always remember that only confidence through intimidation (of another person) will lead to true assertiveness (of yourself) which in turn leads to having the woman of your dreams.

So keep this in mind when you are out there on the dating scene, and remember, if you stutter or stammer, the woman can “sense” that and shy away. Thus, always aim to be strong, especially when exercise isn’t a possibility. A compliant, yet confident posture is the key, especially when somebody else is involved.

If she doesn’t “feel it” on your first interaction, remind yourself that the exercise will loom larger in her memory, especially in those first few dates. Confidence can be learned and mastered, and using those four secrets will become easier with practice.