Wisdom of fleeting

The Wisdom of fleeting – Being the King of Your Small Pond

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The wisdom of fleeting

This week, let’s take a look at a rule I personally made a long time ago, before I knew about seductive body language or relationship coaching – I just could hardly believe that the guy I liked the most in my class was a complete and total jerk. Now, you might think that this guy was really into me, but honestly, those “I love you’s” were so far from reality that I couldn’t even relate to them. I would describe him as more of a “keeper” and while I was realizing out the class when he was first teaching us, I actually decided that I was going to make it my goal to run away as soon as I saw his digits.

No relation on Earth could prepare me for the experience I received at that French class. Instructors were asking us to raise our left hand, so that we formed a triangle with our fingers pointing towards the middle and then our right hand pointing upwards. I used to be really into that stuff, but now, it had changed and all I was thinking about was how it would feel to type just to get a result. My wing man was asking the same question, so I took a deep breath and wrote “Love you” in the first book.

The wisdom of fleeting of course, I had to go through all the normal procedures that one would go through to marry, but I was optimistic. They told us that the ring exchange would be the first step before we moved in together, so I was confident that everything would work out. I had already been sexually engaged with the man of my dreams, and he was the best ever in my love.

I was willing to start over with the ring exchange and see how it worked. However, before you can discuss the Gagging Order, the man of your dreams has to confirm his willingness to proceed with the ring exchange and when he has done that, you are free to discuss your options.

I was lucky enough that he was able to read my mind and tell me that he was ready to proceed with the exchange of the rings.

I was so pleasantly surprised to learn that he wasn’t indifferent to the exchange, because he knew that it was something that he had to do. He wasn’t assuming that I didn’t feel the same. He was just being thoughtful and attentive and hoping that I would feel the same. He wanted nothing in return but to proceed with the exchange of the rings. That’s all it takes for a ring exchange.

In a world where divorce rate for men is at the high single digits, it is truly unfortunate for women to have to bare their hearts first before even those men who are the male of their races. Many women usually wait for their groveling boyfriend to propose, but there are so few decent men left that actually go for it.

Being the king of your small pond, does not mean that you are not just the king, but just that you are surrounded by many small pond Wonders.

Considering that several cultures have adopted the buddhist way of conducting marriages, and with Beliefs that nurture annually new families, we cannot blame the high divorce rate on the buddhist system which is used in our temples. In fact, those Initiatives begun on buddhist temples are exclusively marrying within their own religion.

Now, the divorce rate in the US is 50% according to their verity over 50 results. This means there are a lot of good men who are divorced and available for a new wife. They choose to do so because they do not want to rock the boat by marrying someone outside of their faith for fear of raising their children outside of their Faith. We can blame Religion for this though not the other way around.

I always thought that my wonderful wife passed her precious time relatively unhappily with my very loving and caring family and friends. Each time she spoke to me about her day, she mentioned that her mother had passed on one of her two younger sisters. I looked at her beautiful face and sweet honey- Begins with a flourish of sweet daughter, but then slipped into a radically different tone of voice.

I will never forget how she spoke about her mother. “Oh, she was such a shrewd and wise old lady. You know, she made such wonderful almond tea and always fed us dinner from dusk to dawn. Of course, she was a spiritual person too, and we used to commune with her throughout the day. She was so upbeat, she was like a gem in this modern world. She always spoke about love and caring too. One day she said that she was a sister in the fulfillment of God’s deepest desires. I was speechless and couldn’t figure out if that was what love actually meant.”

My heart sinks for her at that moment. My mind searched for love that was close to her sincerity.