Successful Dating

Top 10 Secrets to Successful Dating

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In the corporate world, many top executives, are spotted having dinner with a couple of men after work every night. They are after a couple of things, one is placing their namespace in a respectable company, the other is making sure they are titling their shells at the right time, after paying the proper fees, in a manner that does not fall below par and causes the company to be domineering or jeopardizing their position.

In the dating world, it has been found that the ability to break free from the status quo, is by doing what top business executives often do, which is to place namespaces on their various shells or whatever you want to call them. So if you are ready to break free from the dating cycle and find success in dating women and do not really have a clue how to do it, then allow me to give you a heads up as one of the secrets to success.

Before you take action and make that phone call, which is extremely important, it is vital that the following things are evaluated and considered as fail safe ways to remember to start a conversation.

1. When you are packing to go on a date, look for a female and converse with her before you go. Just engage in small talk, telling her what you might like to do, where you are going, and so forth. Be truly interested in her and if you find that she gets excited, then you have it. Now, if this does not spark the kind of conversation that leads to attraction, do not despair, it may take a few dates to find the chemistry that leads to a relationship.

2. Do not be afraid to let her know that you have noticed her. Perhaps she will find it sexy and attract you at the first opportunity. On the other hand, if you are looking for a potential girlfriend, she should find you attractive and is more likely to give you her number and ask you for some coffee or something to stimulate the conversation, as a start.

3. During the date, if there is an awkward moment, smile and move on. Try to not get too personal. That might scare her away. Prefer to leave at the first uncomfortable moment and continue to the next date.

4. Be relaxed. Do not throughout the date be critical of anything. Put your foot down only if you feel the other person is not giving their full attention.

5. Relax and do not assume that you know everything about the other person. During the course of the date, find out things about them that you would like to know. Answer their inquiries positively, but do not simply provide information.

6. Do not openly discuss your intentions towards her. This may have turned her off and she may be unsure about you. Give her subtle hints to get her thinking about you.

7. Throw all negative talk out of the window. You’re in a date and not on an interview stage. Do not talk excessively about your exes, how much money he spends, or how great he looks. He is there to have a nice time and enjoy you.

8. Wear a cologne that is not over powering, Ironically, one of the most successful methods of dating women is to make them think you are not worth being around by subtle yet effective use of your cologne.

9. Pay for the whole evening. If you have the whole evening and are not going to owe her anything at the end of it, it may be best if you pay for the evening so she feels like she did not have anything to lose.