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Why Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last?

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Learn Why Women Dislike Nice Guys

There is a common belief that nice guys always finish last when it comes to attracting women and dating. The fact of the matter is that being a nice guy does not necessarily mean you will fail to get the girl you want! You do not have to be Mr. Nice Guy and you are not alone if you are really frustrated with finding the girl of your dreams. Find out why most nice guys end up being single and not having the girl they want.

Nice guys are mostly known to date a lot of women that are manipulative and with a strong feminist mindset

The reason for this is simple, they are usually nice, well meaning and sincere men! To a woman, Mr. Nice Guy is the best she can get. Why should she go out with a guy who she will find to be just ‘nice’? Since most of society’s ‘Nice Guys’ are like this, it is not surprising that the ones that do not fit this mold, are the ones are the ones that always end up getting the short end of the stick.

Nice guys show their feelings too early in the relationship which makes it difficult for women to get a clear idea of their intentions. Women tend to be a very logical mindsets and are not receptive to the emotional feelings that are characteristic of a woman’s mind. By only showing their emotions early in the dating relationship, this can make it very confusing for a woman and leads her to think that you are not interested in her as more than a friend.

Also, to a woman, a sensitive man is a type of “wimp” and this is a very characteristic description of a classy woman. Women like men with strong character traits, and being emotional will not get her to feel that strong connection to you. Being emotionless and becoming sensitive is a turn off for most women. A bad boy would never have to worry about a woman not being attracted to him, because he can very well display his emotions and be in touch with his own feelings. This provides an instant connection with a woman.

Nice guys tend to overlook important connection techniques such as good conversation techniques, building deeper relationships or exploring safe emotional territory

It is sad out there, a woman would hear the word “I love you” from so many people that it would make her believe that it actually means nothing. This can cause to her to respond in a negative manner and she would find herself losing interest in the “Love” word being said. Women love to be verbally connected, It makes a woman feel that you care and that you have really read her mind.

Nice guys tend to get depressed if they don’t get the woman that they are interested a lot

It can be possible that maybe the reason for the lack of success is because the nice guy has deep seated issues that he needs to resolve. If you can be the prince that she is craving, then a bit of contradiction in the things you say will make the difference in her opinion. Display your sensitive side and learn to be challenging, when it might appear to a woman that you need her approval. This will lead to a more vibrant relationship with your woman.

Nice guys do not fully understand the fact that all women need some amount of emotional stability. A woman likes to know that she finally can get a stable man. Being too nice in the relationship will make her feel as if she is trying to fix you. This may not be the best impression to leave.