Attract a Girl

How to Attract a Girl You Like – 3 Simple Steps

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Would you like to know how to attract a girl that you really like?

Or are you more interested in knowing how to attract a girl that you see once a week or once a few times a month? What steps can you take to be one of those guys who gets Angel moon, life size breasts and a living room couch? (You don’t have to be rich or famous to do this.)

Contrary to impressions in pop culture, (and what the media has taught us) women are just as interested in finding Mr. Right as much as you are. The key is to know how they think and what they are looking for. Here are some simple tips on how to attract a girl that you like.

1. Don’t be a slave.

Most men who don’t know how to attract a girl that they really like treat the girl like they are some kind of hobby. Picture this: You are hanging out with your female friends, and a group of guys. They are laughing and having a good time while they talk about the latest fashions and celebrities.

Then someone brings up a topic on how to attract a girl, and you listen impassively. You are looking around, not at each other. You are paying attention to the outside, not the inside of the room.

In fact, the group of friends may joke about this, and maybe even tease you. They may say, “Well, what can we do to attract that girl of your dreams?” You have probably finished being a conversation, and you have talked about whatever it is that you are talking about.

The negative message here is that you are placing all of the control in the girl’s hands where you may not be in control at all. She can decide whether or not she wants to remain in this relationship and play second string to a guy. Although men do want control, if you are a control freak who doesn’t respect a woman’s sense of freedom, then you don’t stand a chance at all. Unfortunately, controlling people are not attractive.

Attract a Girl

2. Set a strong frame.

In the previous situation, the woman may have decided that she would like to remain with you, but you may have told her that you only wanted to be friends. Now, wouldn’t a change of pace in the relationship be beneficial? Yes, it would. The woman is not necessarily looking for a relationship – she is only looking for a friendship that does not involve controlling.

The process is similar to flipping a switch; you will both lose interest if you don’t do it again. Because you are changing your behavior, your partner is not likely to do the same. If you are not involved in the relationship, you will not care what the two of you do.

The woman may not like this, but it remains to be a factor to be considered. If you are not comfortable doing something that you don’t want to, and you tell your partner, it remains to be your decision. Is this bothering you? If it is, then talk to your partner about it. Don’t pick a fight.

3. Be clear.

Sometimes, communication between people becomes unclear because people lack the necessary skill to communicate the necessary information clearly. This means that you and your partner may have a lot of misunderstandings, and further problems will probably ensue. If you cannot say what you mean, state it. Telling your partner what is bothering you can make the problem worse because they may become defensive.

These three steps can be difficult to achieve in a relationship, but they are important to do. If you can master these three steps, you will find it easier to communicate and problem solve your issues.