Attraction With Women

Creating Attraction With Women and Boosting Your Dating Success

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Here’s a question I get all the time:

“Dude, what are the secret tips and tricks to attract really hot women? You all know about the attraction triangle, right? But man, how many people I know that really don’t know how to create attraction with women?” Well, I’m here to share the secret tips and tricks with you, so you have a formed so much of your mind and knowledge on this mesmerizing subject of attraction with women.

The great thing is that all of my learning happened in a very short amount of time. No delays. No tricks. Just because I remembered what it was all about and why it was important. And that is why I get so many inquiries and requests from guys like you. So, here are the 3 main aspects of creating attraction with women.

1) Your Thinking. Have you figured out what you think about attracting beautiful women yet?

Are you approaching and interacting with beautiful women ought to be a fantasy of sorts to you? If so, you are suffering from one of the most severe and contagious mental afflictions in your culture and really need to work on this BEFORE your interacting with a beautiful woman.

What are the real signs of this kind of thinking?

Think about your previous experiences with women. What kinds of qualities did you notice in those women that caused you not to feel attracted to them? The fact is women do not think about physical traits such as being hot or having an attractive body when choosing a partner for a long term relationship. It’s not even about chemistry.

Yes, it’s true that every woman is unique and if chemistry is there between the two of you, that’s a bonus, but the really important qualities to look for are common everyday values, common everyday goals, habits, and personality traits. Almost every woman I know tells me they want a man with a strong character who likes her for the real person she is and not for her physical appearance.

2) Your Intentionality

You have to know that all the choices you make in your life are directly related to your attitude and how you feel about yourself. Why are you having such a hard time with attraction? This is a surprise to a lot of guys because we always hear about pick-up lines or how to go talk to a woman, when most of our interaction happens in the social medium of our daily lives and the way we carry ourselves is our fundamental manner and feel about ourselves.

Women are trying to engage with you in a way that will cause you to have a positive attitude and a real interest with whatever she has to say. Women are hoping to find a guy who can give them delight, fun, and happiness in their everyday life. A guy who is constantly on the go, who has a real fun and creative attitude with life and is always making people happy.

Women like to be around a man who is creative thoughtful of their desires and passionate about making the world a better place

I want you to stop for a second and think about how truly crucial your attitude about dating and attraction is to your success with women. Before you start going out on every date wondering what’s the most important things a guy must have in order to date hot women, I want you to stop for a second and think about what the MOST important quality that turns off ALL women when dating a beautiful woman is your attitude about dating women.

If your attitude about dating women is that you are really interested, more than anything else, a woman wants to feel important and special, a girlfriend or boyfriend, and her feelings must be completely important to you. An average guy doesn’t stand a chance THE WAY a great guy does when it comes to creating attraction with women.

For many guys out there learn how to become successful with dating and relationship and dating, it’s become a huge source of great frustration and disappointment. You learn to do all sorts of things, buy girl cards, shower her with flowers and gifts and really trying to be a sweet deed, but somehow its always IPALKAND translate into relationship or a strong attraction.