A Woman’s Phone Number – From Her Friend

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Two of you have been chatting and exchanging emails for a little while now. The conversation may have veered to things about sexual relationships and dating. You are excited about what you learned and invited her to join a movie with you this weekend.

She was excited and said yes

So what happened? Did you get her number? Did she write it down on a piece of paper or on a piece of her calvin’s book? Did you ask her to go to your house? Did she give it to you? What would happen if you get her number, pick her up in aorean car and turn your phone on vibrations? Weren’t we supposed to have a nice little relationship with her? Was she expecting white holy romance from our side?

I say no to all of your questions and here is why:

Are you a manipulative man with an intense need to get women into bed? Did you manipulate her into moving in with you by giving her your phone number? Were you emotionally manipulated? Were you even able to have an interaction with her that lasted more than three minutes?

Before you become a professional pick-up artist men, stop trying to manipulate women into anything. WSC are there to learn, gain knowledge, polishing off their skills so that when the time comes they can be used to their advantage. Believing that you can get her number is a start but getting her number and calling her later to setting up a date is the finish line.

Anything after that is really vantage point, and you’d be doing more damage than good if you proceed at this pace. Think of the way a Prospering Artist uses a brush. It is a careful and extremely exquisite touch to paint just the right stroke on just the right subject to create and capture an unbelievable sentimental impact.

My point is this, man – the answer is no. She was not worthy of your phone number and you should not have had one in the first place. It just does not make sense when it’s put like that. Is this issue even fixable? If it is you’ve already tried every trick in the book and nothing seems to work.

Maybe one more weekend of conversation, being polite and friendly, asking for her number and giving her a call. Again, maybe its going to happen tomorrow – who knows. Guys have a habit of trying to plan everything out in a way that will somehow lead to success and simultaneously fulfill their Dying Gods and fulfill their deepest loneliness.

I suppose it takes many more years of loneliness and disillusionment to end it. Maybe you have everything you can possibly think of to attract a beautiful woman, and yet this is the case. When it is time to get her number and call her up, she says ‘no’, you think ‘oh just another female, not the attractive woman you really wanted’… whoa, Slow down there – hardly sounds like rejection, does it?

Think of all the stale, negative and unproductive hours you spent trying to figure it all out! Think of all the little tricks you may have played to get her attention, spend more time with her and then when you have finally found someone who you want to spend a lot of time with – let her go! Like amounts of time spend. If you divide it by 2 we get 8 hours and 2 minutes.┬áNow the next step could be the most frightening part Turn on your computer, walk out and tell yourself ‘I accept’ and stop giving your power to that woman.

What do I mean by that?

Well to get to the next step you must fight it, disagree with it, fight it – until it stops – until you accept it. I know that’s a scary thought. I mean you are not alone. I know that at one point or other you have regretted wanting her so bad. You have probably accepted it before but now you are getting this weird feeling in your gut about not doing it?

Maybe this woman is an exception and indeed an excellent model of human relationships, but even if she is an exception this experience can enrich your life, your relationships, your ideas and your actions and after this exercise it won’t be difficult for you to stay the way you are, spend your life with passion and purpose or maybe you will be ready to wake up complain about the time you spent with a woman who just isn’t interested.

This part of life is interesting. It contains many moments of excitement and the rare moments of revolutions (You can find many of them in this article: Un eccentricities in a relationship. Turns out it’s nuts sometimes , and also much pain. Stay with me. )

Let’s see what the impact of our decision to reject her had on her.